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Wila Press Brake Precision Tooling Information - printable PDF

Wila strives to improve press brake productivity by focusing on everything between the ram and the bed of the machine. Hydraulic Clamping Systems with precision Quick-Change Tooling featuring Wila's patented Safety-Click button reduces tooling set-up time by an average of five times over conventional tooling.


Wila Crowning systems feature the patented "Wila Wave" technology for compensating press brake deflection and eliminate die shimming. All major tooling styles: Wila New Standard, American, and European are available for every brand and size press brake.


This chart provides information on the Wila different style press brake tangs along with:


1:  Wila Tangs, Punches & Lower Die Combinations


WILA American Style Premium Tooling


Wila American Tooling

Wila New Standard Tooling




2:  Wila Tool Segmented Tool lengths for:

WILA  Tool Segmentation


Segmented Premium Tooling Punch & Die

Segmented Wila American Style & New Standard Precision Tooling