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                   PRESS BRAKE CHARTS
  In this section we have several types of charts for press brake forming.   The most important chart would be the press brake air-bending tonnage chart.  This chart just about tells you everything you need to know about your press brake application. 

Check it out.

Here are our press brake forming charts:

 1:  Press Brake Air-Bending Tonnage Chart

 2:  Press Brake Metric Air-Bending Tonnage Chart

 3: Press Brake Bending Definitions

4:  Press Brake Bend Allowance Chart for mild steel

 5:  Press Brake Shape Tonnage Chart

6: Limiting Ram Deflection & Off-Load Effects on a Press Brake

7: Press Brake Tonnage Calculations for Special Shapes

8: Bend Deductions for different material Chart

9:  Press Brake Bend Angle Variables Chart

10:  Press Brake Box Forming Chart

11: Gooseneck Punch Return Flange Chart *



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13: Standard Press Brake Tool Styles

14: Press Brake Terminology

15:  Wila Precision Press Brake Tooling Information

16:  Press Brake Ram Variation on Angle Change 


All press brakes are rated for air bending.  This type of forming leaves an air gap on each side of the punch and at the bottom of the die.  Generally, 30 - 85 degree acute angle punches are used.  In air bending, the inside radius of the part is 5/32 of the die opening.

Press Brake bottoming involves using a matched punch and die press brake tools, with the bottom clearance between the two being slightly greater than the metal thickness.  The material is forced into the bottom of the pressbrake die and the punch is in contact with the material along its entire depth.   The tonnage requirements for bottoming on a press brake is estimated at three to five times greater than what is required with air bending on a press brake machine. 

Coining on a press brake requires approximately ten times the force needed to air-bend.

Wila Precision Press Brake Tool Information.