We are all about the Chart: Press Brake - Hole Punch - Metric - Band Saw - Shear - Drill Charts

About Free Technical Charts

Please enjoy our charts for technical and other fun applications.  We love using charts and gaining knowledge from understanding how these charts are used.  We have been in the metal working industry for over twenty years and have collected these charts for our own use. 

 We now are able to share these charts for your own use.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need to learn how to use many of these valuable technical charts.

The press brake bending charts is a great tool for determining tonnage requirements for air bend mild steel.  We have several charts for press brake bending:  air bending chart in metric, air bending chart in imperical measurements, special shape press brake tonnage charts and bend allowance charts.  These are all great charts used everyday in metal working shops across the world.

The shear charts are typically used to determine shear machine capacity, tonnage to shear one inch and even how to square a blank chart. Look at the shear strength and drop off metal strip length charts.

The hole punch chart is a great tool to determine tonnage requiements for hole punching on Ironworkers and other punch machines.  We have great charts for determining punch area with the diagonal chart, special shape tonnage charts, tips on punching metal and a clearance chart for the punch & die.

The Band Saw charts are used for determining tooth selections, saw blade band speed and a trouble shooting chart for band saws.

We put together some other charts for your use: metric conversion charts, decimal equilivent charts, metal thickness gauge charts and other related conversion charts.

Thank you checking out our charts and hopefully look at some of our sponsers to help maintain the cost of the Free Technical Chart website.   I have a hard time resisting checking out some of the companies that are advertising on the website.  Some of this technology we are working with in the metal working industry is so cool.